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Polyethylene tanks are designed for atmospheric pressure only and venting equipment should be sized to limit pressure or vacuum to a maximum of water column (0.018 psi).

If a warranty is available for a good, the details of the warranty are available in a downloadable PDF which can be found using a link labeled on the good page.

Specific gravity (SG) is a ratio of a material's density to water's density. This dimensionless unit is commonly used to rate plastic tanks. A tank with a higher specific gravity rating will be heavier, tougher and able to hold denser materials than a tank with a lower specific gravity rating.

Rotationally molded HDPE plastic parts should not be used in applications where the environment or contents exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Exceeding this temperature can cause damage and/or failure.

Only plastic tanks specifically designed for underground use, such as certain septic tanks and water tanks can be buried per the manufacturer's instructions.

Dimensions may vary by +/- 3% on rotationally molded polyethylene parts.

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