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3" First Flush Diverter Kit

  • SKU:  39022
  • Brand: Bushman Logo
  • $55.95

3 inch First Flush Diverter Kit - Downspout First Flush Water Diverters improve water quality and reduce tank/cistern maintenance by preventing the first flush of water, which may contain roof contaminants, from entering the tank/cistern. First Flush Diverters help ensure cleaner water is available for use, which protects rainwater pumps and internal household appliances such as clothes washing machines, toilets, hot water systems, etc.

Downspout 3 inch First Flush Diverters, such as the 3 inch and 4 inch kits, are installed at each downspout that supplies water to the tank/cistern. These First Flush Water Diverter Kits utilize a dependable ball and seat system - a simple automatic system that does not rely on mechanical parts or manual intervention. As the water level rises in the diverter chamber, the ball floats, and once the chamber is full, the ball rests on a seat inside the diverter chamber preventing any further water entering the diverter. The subsequent flow of water is then automatically directed along the pipe system to the tank/cistern.


  • Prevents sediment, bird droppings, spiders, insects, mosquito eggs and debris from entering the rainwater tank/cistern.
  • Improves water quality, protects pumps and internal appliances.
  • Ideal to use in conjunction with a rain head.
  • Easy installation, just add pipe and glue.
  • No mechanical parts.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
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