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4" High Flow Flap Valve

  • SKU:  39033
  • Brand: Bushman Logo
  • $27.00

4 inch Hi-Flow Flap Valves allow a rapid flow of rainwater through a down pipe or overflow pipe while being equipped with a flap that cannot be over rotated and left open. Once there is no demand of rainwater, the flap automatically closes to provide further mosquito protection and preventing birds from building a nest in your overflow pipe. Available in 3 inch or a 4 inch model, 4 inch High Flow Flap Valves (also known as a 4 inch Mozzie Stopper) can also be used for installing at the end of your SCH40 Inlet Pipe that dumps into your rainwater tank screen.


  • Makes your Overflow Pipe Mosquito & Pest proof
  • Allows stored water to breathe and stay fresh
  • 1/32 inch aperture, grade 316 stainless steel mesh
  • Flap Opens automatically when there is Overflow demand
  • Flap Closes automatically when there is no demand
  • Flap keeps Birds from building a nest in your Overflow Pipe
  • Also used on Inlet Pipes for keeping out critters and mosquitoes
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