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RainSaver Overflow T Connector

  • SKU:  39011
  • Brand: Bushman Logo
  • $13.27

Some users wish to connect multiple RainSaver Rain Barrels together to optimize the rainwater storage capacity from a single Downspout. This can be done by replacing the assembled "L" Connection (included in the barrel) of the 2nd Overflow Barrel with an Overflow T Connector. This fitting allows you to connect any number of Rain Barrels in series through the Overflow located on the back of each RainSaver-Gallon Rain Barrel. The exit Overflow of the last Rain Barrel will remain available to disperse any excess rainwater once all the Rain Barrels are full. Two or more Rain Barrels can be connected together by replacing the Overflow fitting on Barrel 2 with the Overflow "T" Connector.

Instructions for Daisy Chaining the RainSaver Rain Barrel:
Locate 1st Rain Barrel in position desired under Downspout.
  1. Position 2nd Barrel next to it, preferably less than 1 foot away.
  2. Remove the Overflow Hose and fitting from barrel 2. (unscrew)
  3. Thread the new Overflow T Connector into the second Rain Barrel (and turn until the two open ends are horizontally parallel to ground).
  4. Now attach Overflow Hose from Rain Barrel 1 to closest side of the T Connector on Rain Barrel 2. Cut hose as necessary to prevent unnecessary slack between Barrels.
  5. Take the original Overflow Hose removed from Rain Barrel 2, and connect to the other side of the T Connector. Please note that there is a small screen that is located between the original 'L' fitting and the Overflow Hose that was on Rain Barrel 2. Remove this screen and insert between hose and T Connector (exit side) to prevent insect and animal entry into the barrel from the overflow.
  6. Turn the Overflow T Connector on Rain Barrel 2 so that it is slightly higher on the exit side than it is on the entry side. By doing this, water will flow into the 2nd Rain Barrel (until full) rather than flowing straight through the connection.
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